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The website (available in Polish and English), together with other local websites is a part of the complex information portal for migrants.

The website aims to provide all necessary information to foreigners arriving in Wroclaw by arranging them into comprehensive sections, including:

- legal and formal issues concerning stay in Poland,

- instructions which office chose in order to solve certain matter,

- practical advice concerning various aspects of everyday life,

- a database of organizations working in the field of multiculturalism, migration, refugee and migrants’ initiatives,

- latest news on multicultural events in the city (lectures, meetings, conferences, workshops and trainings).

At the same time, the platform serves as a place where migrants can exchange their experiences, ideas and initiatives with representatives of NGOs, public institutions’ workers and scholars working on migrations.

The aim and idea of this project is to facilitate migrants’ functioning in our country, providing them an easy access to the information and activating them within our society. The main aim of the portal are migrants who are active, integrated and well informed migrants, as well as constructive and substantive discourse of experts.

Content. We encourage all local NGOs, informal groups and volunteers, as well as migrants to cooperation! Send all information about events and actions you organize at – Info Migrator is a free and effective channel of communication and promotion! All migrants are welcome to write their articles about their experiences with Poland and migration – we are ready to publish your writings!

The website consist of the following sections:

- About Wroclaw (main banner menu) – a collection of useful information concerning life of the city and within the city (everyday life, public transport, hotlines and useful telephone numbers),

- Support (main banner menu) – information points for foreigners, legalization of a stay and guides to receiving Polish citizenship, legal help, database of organizations in Wroclaw),

- News (middle column) – latest news concerning events, language schools’ offers etc.,

- Side menu (left column) – Polish language learning (database of Polish language schools, a list of workbooks etc.),

- Expert Zone (left column, at the bottom) – a communication and cooperation tool for representatives of various communities concerned with migration policies and integration in Poland, as well as cooperation with migrants,

- Good to Read (third column) – articles about migration written and published by migrants for migrants,

- Multimedia Banners and Announces (right column) – films and clips from information campaigns and multicultural actions; announces.



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