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Katarzyna Wiącek – My adventure with human rights started from my voluntary work in Wroclaw branch of Amnesty Internaional (also as a human rights trainer). I have worked under the “Uczę się, poznaję – zmieniam! Syklakiraw pes, prynćkiraw – paruwaw! Wielopoziomowe działania edukacyjne na rzecz społeczności romskiej z terenu Dolnego Śląska” project, conducted by Angelus Silesius Meeting House.


I have cooperated with many NGOs based in Wroclaw i.a. Nomada Association, Generations Association. I was a participant of School of Watchdog Initiatives – Watchdog Poland. I am a member of Wroclaw Welcomes Refugees Coalition


Katarzyna Wiącek has a BA in history of art; she is a passionate graphic designer, architecture critic, feminist. In the free time she runs a blog about architecture (




Konrad Fertliński – Polish-English translator and the administrator of the English version of Info Migrator Website. Teacher and musician engaged in multiculturalism and human rights.