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When leaving our homeland and arriving in other country we have positive thoughts; everything will make up. Most of people think that a change of climate will help them to start a new life. To understand why people leave their countries, I have conducted a survey in one of the Moldavian cities. The questionnaire covered 50 people in the age between 15 to 45 years old.



Employment – 20%

Love – 12,7%

Adventure – 12,7%

Dreams – 54,5%

There were several reason to choose from. Most of people has chosen dreams. The dreams may be different – one longs for adventures, others want to study.

Most of people arriving in Poland are from Ukraine, Moldavia, Belarus, Kazakhstan – mostly students. It’s worth to remember that some of Polish cities are full of tourists sightseeing, going into mountains or working on their tan at the seaside.

For tourists

If you came to Poland for sightseeing, there are many ways to seek information.

The first way – the Internet, which gives plenty of options. You can book tickets, hotels, and find the city that offers many tourist attractions, directly from your house. Also in the Internet, it is possible to find couchsurfers ­– people who provide free shelter to foreigners for a couple of days. If we meet a person with similar interests, the stay will be most probably fascinating.

The second option – tourist agency. If we have major funds and time, we may use help of a tourist agency; its employees will book our tickets, hotels and plan our trip.

For students

After arrival, it is advisable to set priorities and find a point of support on which we may depend on in various situations. This may be the most difficult point, which takes much time. To make it easier think about:

-  making new friends

-  joining courses or scientific groups

-  starting volunteer work or join NGOs

-  attending some parties

World is small as some may say, there is always someone with similar hobbies. All you need to do is to make new friends, meet people from your university. It’s always better that sitting at home. Universities offer plenty of courses and scientific circles. Find the information board and chooses anything that suits your needs. If not – you are welcome to set one for yourself and people with similar needs.

On the beginning of each academic year, universities are visited by people from various NGOs which present their volunteer offer. You may help children or elders. Performing good deeds  to others provides  the  feeling of fulfillment.

It’s also worth to mention that it is always possible to meet new people at the parties. This is the easiest and fastest way to meet new friends.

If you want to make your dreams come true and you have traveled such a great distance to be in Poland, I am sure you have a plan that will soon be realized. 

By Maria Bereziuk