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On the 9th of September, number of NGOs and informal groups representatives (i.e. Nomada Association, Łokietek Infopunkt, 8th of March Initiative, Rita Baum, Infomigrator Wroclaw), cultural centers representatives, journalists and non-attached persons, formed in Wroclaw a coalition called Wroclaw Welcomes Refugees.

The coalition aims to provide support (psychological, material) to refugees coming to Wroclaw. We want to establish a base of shelters, with the necessary infrastructure (sanitations, kitchens, heating), and a base of entrepreneurs ready to employ foreigners. We are in constant touch with other cities, as we believe that actions should be organized on the national level, not only locally. We are working in sub-groups, aimed at concrete measures (research, promotion, community working).

Coalition is an organizer of the Saturday’s picket “Refugees Welcome”