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Wroclaw Welcomes Refugees Coalition – a group gathering NGOs of Wroclaw, editors of independent cultural publishings, trainers and independent activist concerned with multiculturalism – strongly oppose the rising acts of aggression and violence (aiming foreigners living in Wroclaw) and actions and events that include hate speech (anti-immigration marches, demonstrations). 


The burning of an “effigy of a Jew” on Wednesday’s anti-immigrant march organized by National Radical Camp (Obóz Narodowo Radyklny – ONR) refers to in effige – the medieval practice of performing an act of execution on the effigy of a convict, who died before the execution or escaped. Such acts took place in 1685 in Madrid where effigies of Jews were burn together with people alive, or in Nazi Germany in the thirties of the 20th century. The more disturbing is the fact that on November 9, 1938 Nazis in that time Breslau during the so called Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht) burnt down the New Synagogue and demolished Jewish stores.

We demand from the municipal authorities of Wroclaw a firm decisions against the rising negative public moods including nationalism and xenophobia. We insist to implement a transparent and substantive anti-discrimination policy coordinated by the Local Group of Social Dialogue, for establishment of which we apply.

Ryszard Kapuscinski in his book Imperium wrote:

Three plagues, three contagions, threaten the world.The first is the plague of nationalism.The second is the plague of racism.The third is the plague of religious fundamentalism.All three share one trait, a common denominator — an aggressive, all-powerful, total irrationality.

We are expecting the authorities of Wroclaw to act rationally, present nonconformist attitude towards populist tendencies, and courage in spreading ideas of openness, multiculturalism and empathy towards refugees and ethnic minorities.

Wroclaw Welcomes Refugees Coalition

Source: WWU