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In most of the school enrollment is similar. A photo copy of a visa or stay permission is usually all what you need to sign up for a Polish language course.

Remember, that even if you submit all of the necessary documents the course will start only if school manage to gather sufficient people. Course groups usually count between 4 and 8 participants. Payment by installments is usually available.

Where to learn language?

Below we present some recommended places for language learning in Wrocław. Free courses are usually organized by non-governmental organizations. In private schools courses cost from 700 to 5000 PLN for a single semester, depending on a number of course hours.


School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners University of Wrocław

15 Nakiera Square
50-140 Wrocław
Tel.: 71 3752570

The documents should be submitted in secretary office of School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, 15 Nakiera Square, Apt. 6.

One year preparatory language course for university candidates: 01.10.2014 - 30.06.2015

Wrocław University of Technology
27 Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego St, 50-370 Wrocław
Tel.: +48 71 320 22 23

More information concerning the language course via telephone: 71 320 31 87, 71 320 31 17

Internet Language Course

Polish language learning all around the wrold!
On-line lessons!
Exercises in speaking, writing reading and listening
Constant touch with teacher

Contact: (+48 602 248 164) or