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Facebook groups and informal meetings in cafes and clubs in Wrocław.

International Friends of Wrocław

Organization gathering foreigners living in Wroclaw, helping them to communicate and contact each other.

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44a Piłsudskiego St

50-001 Wrocław
Tel. 882 839 234

InterNations Wrocław

Community of foreigners in Wrocław.

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Wrocław Uncut

Independent portal about Wrocław run by foreigners. Provides information concerning culture, public transport, support for foreigners (in everyday problems).

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Groups and websites on Facebook:

Kolorowe dzieci

Closed group gathering people interested in other cultures. Members of this group work on good relation in multicultural society, emphasizing the beauty of diversity.

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Tower of Babel (Wrocław)

International multilingual meetings in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

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