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How to Make Emergency Calls?

Calling 112 (emergency number), 997 (Police) is FREE OF CHARGE, you can use any telephone, even without subscription.

You may call 112 in case of:

- a seizure (in Poland, only the Police officers and border guards may check your identity)

- other emergency situations like road accidents, violence acts, thefts etc.

What is "112"?

Emergency number “112” is a single European emergency call number for both fixed-line and mobile phones.

The single European emergency call number “112” was established by the Council Decision of 29 July 1991 and further regulated by the Directive 2002/22/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 March 2002 on universal service and users' rights relating to electronic communications networks and services (Universal Service Directive).

Calling the “112” emergency number is free of charge.
The “112” number can also be called from a phone without a SIM card.
All calls to “112” in Poland will ultimately be answered by operators from the emergency communication centres.

Emergency numbers 997 (Police), 998 (State Fire Service) and 999 (emergency medical services) are working alongside “112” in Poland since Polish citizens are accustomed to using those numbers, to ensure their comfort and due to specificity of some emergency calls.


· If possible, a call to the “112” number operator should be made by a person located directly on the spot or by a witness of the given incident;

· After dialing “112” wait patiently until the operator answers, do not hang up until the call has been answered (the call is free of charge so it does not generate any cost for the caller);

· Briefly describe the incident or the situation you have witnessed so that the operator of the emergency communication centre could call the relevant services, give your first name and surname;

· Give your current location/address where the incident or the situation took place; if possible, describe the fastest access road to the site of the incident;

· Provide additional information in reply to the questions asked by the operator;

· Follow the orders/instructions of the operator;

· Do not hang up until the operator explicitly tells you to do so, due to the need to provide the most important information about the incident;

· If the situation suddenly changes or gets worse, notify the "112" operator immediately;

· Try not to use the phone from which you called in case the operator tries to contact you again to verify the information or to provide other additional information.

(Information from the 112 emergency number website)

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