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Maureen Kushner, the curator of the exhibition from Jerusalem, is our special guest.

“The Art Of Peace. Israel through the Eyes of Children” shows paintings created over more than fifteen years by young Jews, Arabs, and Druze and the children of Russian and Ethiopian immigrants to Israel.”

Where: White Stork Synagogu

When: March 15,2016

What time: 18.00

"While the media was being flooded with news about terrorist attacks in Israel, these children were painting their visions of peace in the Middle East. Some of them experienced the horror of war themselves. Thanks to their involvement  in specially organized art workshops they were able to overcome their fears and forget their suffering to create visions of peace, tolerance and hope.

The exhibition has been shown in the Israeli Knesset, in over 180 cities in the USA and Canada, and in over 20 European countries. It has been seen by more than 20 million people. Wroclaw is the only city in Poland that it will visit.

The presentation of the exhibition by Maureen Kushner will be in English with consecutive Polish translation."