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Apart from Warsaw, Crakow and Poznań, Wrocław is one of the largest academic centres in Poland. In Wrocław alone there are126 thousand students studying at 24 universities. As far as the number of students is concerned, Wrocław takes the third place in Poland, right after Warsaw and Cracow. It remains ahead of such important academic centres as Poznań, Łódź, Gdańsk or Lublin. In 2013, universities in Wrocław generated 34 thousand graduates.

The biggest universities in Wrocław are: Wrocław University of Technology (35 thousand students) and University of Wrocław (26 thousand students), which offer the largest choice of study options and specializations.

The website for foreigners who would like to study at Wrocław University of Technology

The website concerning health insurance (in English)

The recruitment process at Wrocław University of Technology step by step


Polish Government Scholarship

Polish Government Scholarship is available for students who want to study in Polish. There is also a possibility to take a one year introductory course in Polish language prior to the start of the studies.

For more information, please visit the website of the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (BiuroUznawalnościWykształceniaiWymianyMiędzynarodowej, BUWiWM) or enquire in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in your country. We encourage you to visit the education fair under the programme “Ready, Study, Go! Poland”, and to talk to the representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


28/30 Ogrodowa St
00-896 Warsaw
Reception: tel.+48 22 826-74-34
fax: +48 22 826-28-23


Ready, Study, Go! Poland

20 Hoża St
1/3 Wspólna St
00-529 Warsaw
Tel: (22) 529 22 66
FAX: (22) 628 97 13
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Teraz Wrocław (Now Wrocław)

Wrocław University of Technology is one of the five universities in Wrocław that participate in the “Teraz Wrocław” project (Now Wrocław). The university is funding the general numer of five scholarships – exemption from the tuition fee – for the most talented candidates who want to continue their first or second degree at Wrocław University of Technology, and come from the East (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Russia, Kazakhstan and others). The program does not include those candidates who have “Karta Polaka” (The Pole’s Card).The candidates who are interested in free studies under the “Teraz Wrocław” project should contact the office of the project:

Teraz Wrocław” project

Wrocław University of Economics
118/120 Komandorska St
Bulding E, room 308
53-345 Wrocław, Polska/Poland
tel: + 48 71 368 0892
tel: + 48 71 368 0893
tel: + 48 71 368 0894
tel: + 48 71 368 0895
tel/fax + 48 71 368 0895
е-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Useful websites for foreign students (information about Wrocław, transport, objects of cultural heritage) - the online guide to Wrocław prepared by the University of Wrocław (useful information about the costs of living in Wrocław, Polish currency, free time activities etc.)

Wrocław in English -

International Friends of Wrocław -

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